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Taekwondo Pattern Videos

Taekwondo Poomsae is meant by a ‘Form’ in which a self-practice is devised to be performed in following the lines of movement in a systematic and consecutive way against an imaginary opponent or multi-opponents by using various Taekwondo technics of hand and foot. Through practising Taekwondo Poomsae, we can apply the technics of hand and foot and the changes of stance learned from the basic technics adaptably to an actual fighting.

Taeguek IL Jang

(Taeguek 1 Jang)

Taeguek O Jang

(Taeguek 5 Jang)

Taeguek EE Jang

(Taeguek 2 Jang)

Taeguek YUK Jang

(Taeguek 6 Jang)

Taeguek SAM Jang

(Taeguek 3 Jang)

Taeguek CHILL Jang

(Taeguek 7 Jang)

Taeguek SA Jang

(Taeguek 4 Jang)

Taeguek PAL Jang

(Taeguek 8 Jang)