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Kids Martial Arts Katy TX

We offer the best Katy Taekwondo training there is.

The premier Kids Martial Arts Katy Taekwondo academy! Growing bodies and minds need healthy stimulation and our combination of physical and mental activities inspire young people to explore their abilities and challenge themselves.

Parents like our classes because we encourage an active lifestyle, promote focused behavior, and teach self-defense. Kids like our classes because, well, we’re FUN.

Our instructors are passionate about Tae Kwon Do and because of this they make the environment a positive place to be. Kids can be kids while training for so much more.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Federation) is a non-violent martial art that combines physical conditioning with mental discipline to produce a sound mind in a healthy body. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that is similar to Karate. Blackdragon Taekwondo Katy is the premier martial arts school who offer the best Katy Taekwondo Martial Arts Classes for Kids.

At Black Dragon Taekwondo Katy Martial Arts,

we teach using these 10 Principles:

  • Honor my parents
  • Love and cooperate with my family
  • Be faithful to my friends
  • Respect my elders and care for my juniors
  • Establish positive relationships with my teachers
  • Treat all living things with care
  • Never take advantage of those who may be weaker
  • Only use Tae Kwon Do to benefit others and myself
  • Show loyalty to my country
  • Always finishing what I start

Blackdragon Taekwondo Katy Martial Arts also offer After School ProgramsBirthday Parties, Little Dragon Taekwondo Class for your child.

Katy Martial Arts for Kids


Whether you join alone or participate as a family – Blackdragon Taekwondo Katy fosters a fantastic training environment that encourages strength, flexibility, and focus with professional instruction and world-renowned lesson plans.

Our open schedule offers training to all ages welcoming family members to attend together. On the mats, students are divided by age categories in order to accommodate different learning styles and requirements.

We look forward to having you join us!

Blackdragon Taekwondo Katy Martial Arts