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Blackdragon Taekwondo Katy Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts Katy

The premier Kids Martial Arts Katy Taekwondo academy! Growing bodies and minds need healthy stimulation and our combination of physical and mental activities inspire young people to explore their abilities and challenge themselves.

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Teens & Adults Martial Arts

Busy schedules make it hard to take time out for ourselves – but at Black Dragon Taekondo, we get it. Our convenient class times and family-oriented environment make it easy for adults to take some much-needed time out to focus on their fitness.

Katy After School Programs

After School Programs

We pick children up from school and provide a fun, educational experience that includes every day Tae Kwon Do classes. Black Dragon Taekwondo is a full-service Katy after school care option that keeps kids active and engaged until your work day is over.

Katy Summer Camp

Camps for Kids

For kids, going to camp is about making friends and having fun. For parents, it’s about providing a safe and encouraging space for kids to learn and grow. Black Dragon Taekwondo Katy Summer Camps are the perfect solution to school breaks with an enjoyable atmosphere that kids LOVE coming to.

Who We Are

For many years, Master Seong  has been providing friendly, personal attention to its members from little kids to adults, helping them stay fit, active and healthy through Taekwondo. We are here to help you reach all of your martial arts goals. We are one of the best professional teams of Taekwondo in Northern America. We help people of all ages enjoy Ultimate Taekwondo training.

What We Do

Our masters and instructors are trained to assist you in all aspects of your exercise routine for Ultimate and Olympic Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Federation) training. Regardless of whether you’ve ever set foot in a martial arts school before, our instructors will help in assessing your needs and develop a workout for Taekwondo individually designed for you to meet your goals.

Katy Martial Arts

Traditional and Olympic
Katy Taekwondo Martial Arts!

Blackdragon Taekwondo is the premier
martial arts school in Katy.

Success is determined by two things First, you must believe you can do it and Second, you must have the self-discipline to make it happen. Training at Blackdragon Taekwondo Katy will give you both of these attributes and help you in many aspects of daily living. After just a few weeks of training you will notice improvement in your energy level, flexibility, and health.

Black Dragon Taekwondo Katy Martial Arts